Hello and welcome to Lucho Cooks!


My name is Luís, aka Lucho, a 31 year researcher from Lisbon, Portugal, currently living (and cooking) in London.


I have always enjoyed cooking and being around the kitchen, but, most importantly, to eat! I have always had a thing for food and how to make it special.

I grew up surrounded by traditional Portuguese and Mediterranean gastronomy, but as I grew older and as I traveled around the world, I took inspiration from so many amazing cuisines and ingredients. Living in London, one of the most multicultural cities in the planet, has also inspired me a great deal.

I have created Lucho Cooks as a way to share my passion for cooking and, obviously, eating!


Here you will find (hopefully) lots of recipes from some of my favorite dishes, all the way from Asia to South America, stopping many times along the way. Some of these will be traditional dishes, some not so much (I like to put my own spin on things too!), but I always try to make them the best way I can – and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy them as well!

I hope to see you around here!

Contact: luchocooks@gmail.com

Find me on Instagram and Facebook too!


(Pictures from this post by Michael Chapman)